Larry Playing Soccer

Larry A. Lyons has been an Environmental Scientist for more than 30 years investigating and helping to protect aquatic and terrestrial environments in the U.S. and the Caribbean. His experience encompasses performing environmental surveys of lakes, streams, and estuaries, managing aquatic toxicology laboratories, performing ecological risk assessments of contaminated sites, resolving toxicity issues of industrial effluents being discharged into the environment and providing workshops on environmental techniques. He is credited with numerous publications, presentations, and several patents. He has also been active on the board of directors of environmental and photography organizations.

Larry’s appreciation of all types of environments and the diversity of the living organisms that depend on these environments is extended to his love of capturing their beauty with his photography. His photography is as diverse as the environments he has studied extending from underwater sea life, to animal behavior, to macro-photography, to human intervention. The overriding message that Larry wishes to convey with his photography is to reinforce the need of protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitats.

Larry is credited with numerous photography exhibits most of which are related to particular themes. In the past four years, themes of the exhibits have encompassed African wildlife, the wildlife and National Parks of the American West, the Birds of Florida, the diversity of wildlife in the Amazon and the people living in the Amazon and the Land of the Incas in Peru. Each exhibit serves to provide the public not only a journey on the beauty of these environments but also provides an educational perspective on animal behavior and conservation issues. Larry also provides slide presentations to schools and organizations. He also leads photographic field trips.

This photoblog and gallery is intended to provide a variety of environmental and conservation topics. The topics discuss animal behavior, endangered and threatened species, the impact of environmental pollution to wildlife, conservation requirements needed to protect and sustain wildlife populations and the impact of human intervention on habitats and wildlife.

Larry can be contacted at lalyons@comcast.net.